Issue with Orders not changing status to Processed from Pending but payment being taken

1 week ago

Just recently had a website upgrade to a newer version of NopCommerce and we've had Atluz Nop Team, Pay using SagePay/Opayo plugin installed to take payment from our web sales.

we're having this reoccuring issue randomly where a customer will place an order, go through payment and then receive a order error message, but the payment has actually gone through.

the order sits in pending instead of the usual processing, which triggers a confirmation email to us and the customer.

any advice on how to resolve this?


1 week ago
Any errors in the log ?
Did you contact the developer - I assume Atluz Nop Team - to get them to check the operation
6 days ago

Yes, we receive this error everytime it occurs.

Log level
Short message
Atluz Sage Pay found some error!
Full message
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Net.WebHeaderCollection, Version=, Culture=neutral, '. The system cannot find the file specified.
File name: 'System.Net.WebHeaderCollection, Version=, Culture=neutral, '
   at Nop.Plugin.Atluz.SagePay.Services.AtluzSagePayService.[T](Object ,  , String[] )
   at Nop.Plugin.Atluz.SagePay.Services.AtluzSagePayService..MoveNext()
6 days ago
I believe installing the latest version of the .NET 7 runtime will resolve your issue.
Here's the relevant message thread for your reference.