Product configuration advice with variants

9 months ago
looking to port an existing cart over to nopCommerce, however not quite sure how to accomplish what we have on product details. We have 2 attributes where one attribute "material" can narrow the choices available on the other attribute "color".  so basically not all the colors are available for a given material.  I wasn't able to figure out how to accomplish this with nopCommerce.  example of what we want is here:

thanks in advance,
8 months ago
Opting for customization is the optimal choice in this scenario. On the admin side, you can establish distinct mappings specifying which attribute values (material) correspond to the attribute values displayed (colors). This will ensure that the public site's options are filtered accordingly.

Alternatively, you can employ Attribute Conditions. By configuring various color attribute sets with corresponding values and enabling them based on conditions, you can achieve the desired outcome. For example, you can create Set 1 with colors (Green, Blue, Red) and Set 2 with colors (Pink, Green, Red), then allow Set 1 for Material - Shiny and Material - Steel conditions.

8 months ago
this got me where I needed to be.  thanks!