Hello NopCommerce Team and the followers.

We all know there are 1000's of live web sites using the awesome NopCommerce frame but most of these are selling physical goods instead of digital downloads. All 3rd party plugin developers are of course digital downloads but there are not many that sells "Audio" files where a pre-view mp3 can be offered as a demo for each digital download product.

Today, I preset you with our digital music/audio web store; samplemarket.co.uk

I have actually gone live back in June 2022 and have been growing since. Site uses Nop version 4.3 with a theme from Nop-Templates. Also has a few plugins from FoxNet.

Previously site was running as a one page application on Nginx and it had GB's of zip files and demo mp3 files hosted on AWS S3 buckets.

Task was to migrate from this Nginx/MySql to Nopcommerce while keeping all existing digital download files (zip & mp3) in place as well as all customer/order/product/category data etc.

We set up an AWS EC2 WinServer (t3.xlarge) with 16GB ram and 5GB network speed. We begun migrating from MySQL to our MSSQL using a bridge with constantly pulling data (mapped) keeping zip and mp3 file names the same as well as their actual location.

We had to do a lot of modifications on the code so that large (some 3GB each) zip files are served direct from the S3 buckets instead of the same WinServer Nop was hosted using "
" but yet keep the zip files from unauthorized access. It took me a while (some many painful months) but finally went live with the new site on June 2022

We hope our site is also listed on the "Showcase Live Shops" page and I welcome any comments and constructive criticism.
Thank you Nop Team