Requesting a discount code setting to ignore minimum order limit

4 weeks ago
Scenario.  You do credit cards but for a $4 sale it just doesn't make sense so your minimum order for the cart is $12.  You want the $4 though and you do a lot of cash sales at fairs or flea markets.  If there was a checkbox for a discount code that would, when used, overlook the minimum order limit so the user can get to the pickup in store options or at least get to a cash payment option that would be awesome.

Or even just delay the minimum order limit until the payment portion.  Maybe each payment option could have a minimum order limit.  This I understand would have to come from the plugin designer.

Is there a way to do this already?
4 weeks ago
So there is two parts here
1. Override the check on _orderSettings.MinOrderSubtotalAmount using a Discount code - yes this can be done with a plugin
2. Have a minimum order limit for each Payment method and not displaying the payment method under this limit needs to be added to the Payment method
- What payment method are you using ?
4 weeks ago
I think you can try this plugin as it allows to add custom rules to display payment options as per your need.

Same way you can use this plugin for shipping method.

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4 weeks ago
I'm using Square Web Payments by FoxNetSoft.

I'll check into the other plugins mentioned.
4 weeks ago
RE: "... minimum order limit until the payment portion.  Maybe each payment option could have a minimum order limit"

Yes, Payment Director can do conditional payment methods.

With all your possible payment methods Active in the Admin > Payment methods, set up rules in Payment Director like this example:

OrderTotalWithoutPaymentFee >= 12.00

OrderTotalWithoutPaymentFee < 12.00

If you using other than "CashOnDelivery" method, then be sure to change that.  (E.g.  "Payments.PayInStore")
Adjust the minimum "12.00" as needed.

Add more Option rules for your other possible methods that need conditions.  (If the method is Active and does not have an Option rule, it will always show.)

Contact us at support at if you need more information.