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1 month ago
The Promotion Messages plugin for nopCommerce allows creating new dynamic promo messages based on predefined conditions. You can create an unlimited amount of promo messages for any occasion.

Create new promo messages based on shopping cart amount, address, size, weight, current date, etc.
Customize design, or prohibit usage of a promo methods for any order based on predefined conditions
Create unlimited amount of promo messages
Promo and Success messages (if the customer added a product in the shopping cart)
Optimized for performance

Supported conditions
Order total amount
Customer role
Date and time
Customer address
Checkout attributes
Products in the cart, product attributes, product specification
Categories, manufacturers, vendors
Size of the shipment
Whether a coupon code was used in the order
Whether a discount has been applied to an order
And many more with advanced conditions builder

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Supported nopCommerce 4.60

1 week ago
Added support nop 4.70.