EBizCharge payment module

EBizCharge payment module
EBizCharge for nopCommerce is a PCI-compliant payment application that allows users to accept credit and debit card payments within their nopCommerce store.
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Supported versions: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Created: March 02,2021
Last updated: March 11,2023

Use cases

Use EBizCharge to instantly add secure credit card payment acceptance to your nopCommerce store. EBizCharge was built to seamlessly integrate with nopCommerce, so there’s minimal change to your current checkout process.


Our in-house team of support specialists will handle the installation for you free of charge. Once installation is complete, you get free, 24/7 support and unlimited training.

How it works

The EBizCharge application is added to the back end of your nopCommerce website and connects with our API to power your credit card processing. The application displays a new checkout option on the front end of your website, allowing your customers to pay via credit and debit card. To manage the EBizCharge application, you’ll log into the admin interface. From here, you can manage orders, process additional charges or refunds, and more.


EBizCharge provides the highest level of security possible for eCommerce merchants and their customers. Credit card numbers are automatically encrypted and tokenized, and all data is stored off-site, never on the merchant’s local system. EBizCharge also provides fraud prevention modules, which automatically monitor every transaction and alert merchants to suspicious activity. These modules are fully customizable, allowing merchants to tailor their fraud detection to their unique specifications.

Payment portal

EBizCharge includes an online customer bill pay portal where customers can securely log in from any device to pay invoices. The portal sends automatic payment reminders to customers via email.


EBizCharge gives merchants access to advanced reporting tools and unlimited transaction history. Merchants can build custom reports using real-time data, monitor their transactions, and make informed decisions about their payment processing.

Features and benefits

  • Securely accept customer payments in your nopCommerce store
  • Protect your customers’ data with PCI-compliant security
  • Lower your credit card processing costs with no extra work
  • Gain insight with advanced, customizable reporting tools
  • Enhanced level 3 processing
  • Next-day funding options
  • Complimentary in-house support and training

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