GestPay payment plugin

GestPay payment plugin
Free version that integrates with nopCommerce the payment platform dedicated to professional e-Commerce chosen by the best stores in Italy
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.20
Created: September 08,2016
Last updated: July 07,2020

Payment plugin for italian GestPay payment gateway (Banca Sella) using WSCryptDecrypt WebService. It contains source code and binaries.


1. Download plugin extension.

2. Go to Dashborad » Configuration » Local plugins and upload the plugin zip folder.

3. Install Gestpay plugin.


1. Go to Gestpay configuration page.

2. Put Gestpay provided credentials (  shopLogin/Codice esercente )

3. Save configuration.

Payment page setup - Important !!!
Access the backoffice section
Customer Configuration> Fields & Parameters of the Back Office Merchant environment and select the currently public payment page.
Check that the following values ​​as PARAMETER are activated and, if necessary, set them:
Buyer E-Mail, Buyer Name, Language.
IT IS IMPORTANT to do this step because the plugin is set to send these parameters therefore, if not present and set the Encrypt request will fail.

Response to the operator
The notification is forwarded with a server to server call to the page properly prepared on the merchant's server (the URL of the notification page is one of the information that makes up the merchant's profile configurable through the GestPay back of fi ce environment) .

Reply to buyer
The outcome of the transaction is immediately notified by GestPay by displaying the "virtual receipt" which shows the essential data of the transaction. GestPay will direct the buyer's browser to the merchant's server to conclude the purchase process. The operator must prepare two urls (and con fi gure them in the operator's profile)
http: // [] / Plugins / PaymentGestPay / EsitoGestPay / OK (Success)
http: // [] / Plugins / PaymentGestPay / EsitoGestPay / KO (Failed)

Merchant profile
Each operator has the possibility to configure the profile by accessing the GestPay back office environment.
Production environment reachable at:
Test environment reachable at:

Help desk:

Support/Contact: [email protected]