"Has One Category" Discount plugin (By nopCommercePlus)

"Has One Category" Discount plugin (By nopCommercePlus)
"Has one category" Discount Requirement Rule for nopcommerce (By nopCommercePlus).
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
Created: July 21,2018
Last updated: May 25,2024
HAS ONE CATEGORY Supported Version: 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40,4.50, 4.60, 4.70.


This plugin allows you to configure discounts for customers who have one of a certain product in the cart. Owner can manage the discount for the particular product in the Cart. Customer will see the Discount automatically on the product in their Cart Using this extension store owner can select only one category to provide discount on those categories product. Store owner can save their time instead of selecting each product while creating discount. This extension checks the cart products category is configured on discount requirement then only it will display discount on cart for customer. Customer will feel something big that whole category has discount and they can have many choices to select the products from that category and they can buy it quickly. This Extension is totally free of cost with nopCommercePlus Support.



Compatible with standard nopCommerce nopplugin-features.


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