Hesabe Payment Plugin

Hesabe Payment Plugin
This payment module allows you to integrate with Hesabe Payment Gateway through which you can make Payments using Knet and MPGS payment modes.
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Supported versions: 4.30, 4.40, 4.50
Created: February 10,2021
Last updated: May 11,2022

Hesabe Payment Gateway allows authorized Merchants to accept payment from their customers. It is a secured payment gateway which provides high level SSL encryption and promises a protected payment cycle with your application using secure Authentication and PCI DSS compliant encryption.

Hesabe provides payment integration kits and plugins on various platforms that allows merchants to instantly collect payments from their users using Knet and MPGS payment modes. The Hesabe payment integration supports a seamless payment experience on your platform, while protecting your application from payment frauds and complexity related to various regulations.


  • Easy configuration
  • Quick installation
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Customers are redirected to the secure Hesabe Payment Gateway to complete the payment

Installation instructions:

  1. Click "Get Extension" to download the extension.
  2. In your nopCommerce store, go to admin area > Configuration > Local plugins.
  3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" plugin.
  4. Click on Reload plugins button on the top to reload the list of plugins.
  5. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin or enter "Hesabe" and search. Click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.
  6. Click on Configure plugin and enter details that you received during Sign Up such as Merchant Code, Access Code, Secret Key and IV.
  7. Enable "Use Sandbox" if you want to test the payment integration in a Sandbox Environment.
  8. Click "Edit" button and Choose "Is enabled" to enable the plugin. Once enabled it will be listed as one of the payment methods during Checkout.
  9. Disable "Use Sandbox" when you are ready to move into production mode.

Please find more information about how to install plugins  here.

Please visit Hesabe's developer website to learn more about Hesabe Payment.