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PDCsoft is a Romanian (EU) team of software mavens that take an Agile approach to all projects. We create and tailor software to perfectly fit your needs, maximize your sales, and most importantly to give you an edge against the competition. As a near-shore outsourcing choice, PDCsoft is the perfect balance between sharing the same values and work ethics as you, while keeping your costs at affordable levels. We can start our constructive partnership, especially if:

  • you want to migrate smoothly from other e-commerce platforms to nopCommerce;
  • you want to easily upgrade your nopCommerce store to the latest version;
  • you want to improve your online store with nopCommerce customizations;
  • you want to outshine your competition with a customized theme and plugins;
  • you need hosting migration and deployment assistance (Azure, AWS, etc.);
  • you need performance optimization;
  • you need any other custom software development.

If your online shop is the lifeblood of your company, you can put it in the hands of the professionals at PDCsoft. We are on time. Better yet, we are ALWAYS on time! Missing deadlines means failing the client. We simply don't do it!

Installation and initial setup, Development and customization, Third-party integrations, Usability improvement, Technical support and consulting
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Migration from other e-commerce platforms

Replatforming done right is a mix of standardized operations and an agile approach. Data migration must follow our tried-and-tested steps to ensure all data is saved, but only the up-to-date content is transferred. Thus, we can ensure that you get none of the hassles, but all of the benefits of nopCommerce.

We firmly believe that migrating to nopCommerce should be a hassle-free experience.


Web store upgrade to the latest nopCommerce version

New versions bring along improvements to the platform, new features, optimization, and new technologies. In your competitive field, you cannot lag behind your competition, and we understand that. You will benefit from the upgrades to the latest version fast, seamless, and with no downsides. This is how we define “upgrading”, as opposed to “updating”.

We do not update your online store to the latest nopCommerce version, we upgrade it to the latest version.


Website improvements with nopCommerce customizations

We are vested in developing your vision on the nopCommerce architecture at least up to your expectations. We take an agile approach to each challenge, understanding what problem each customization solves, how it may benefit you and your own customers. You will benefit not from a piece of code, but from a solution to the specific problems you seek to fix.

Your web-developer agency must completely understand what you need and deliver the software you envision.


Custom software development

We develop and implement custom software solutions meant to solve your unique business challenges. From simple customizations to full-cycle development, we tackle your every specific business need. We deliver on-time impeccable code that translates into flawless end-to-end solutions.


Plugin development

You can have a custom plugin that solves a specific problem in a certain way. The only thing you need to worry about is how you can improve the user’s experience, navigation speed and comfort, while we take care of the rest. If you are not sure of the details, contact us for a free consultation. We will surely have important input streaming from our vast experience.

Have your plugin feel like an innate part of your online shop. Contact us!


Performance optimization

Speed is a core parameter for everything from SEO, to user experience and even up to cart abandonment. Where PDCsoft goes above and beyond is optimizing the optimization process. We prioritize the fixes that are faster and less costly but have a big impact, giving you informed decision control over the operation, cost and profitability.

Performance has directly impacted your company's bottom line. Congrats on considering PDCsoft!


Hosting migration and deployment assistance (Azure, AWS, etc.)

Differences in functionality, architecture, workload management or other factors can make migration a huge challenge. Whether you’re looking to increase security, upgrade systems for better performance or migrate to the cloud, you need a partner that’s willing to manage your deployments and upgrade your systems for you.

We will take care of the transition to a new or updated system. You will have minimal, if any, downtime in between.


Custom themes

You cannot set yourself apart as a unique brand by using a generic theme. We understand that. We also understand that the user’s experience is not only ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it needs to reflect your brand. At the end of the session, your customers must not only feel they had a good experience, but that they had a good experience interacting with your brand.

If you wish to translate your vision into a web-shop experience, look no further.



[email protected]
+40 741 053 399
170, Aurel Vlaicu Street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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