Picture Processor

Picture Processor
This will change the baviour of generating Thumbnail as part of shceduled task instead of generating on the fly. The purpose of this is to improve the performance.
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Supported versions: 4.50
Created: April 04,2022
Last updated: April 07,2022


nopCommerce generates thumb images on the go. This means when an image URL is requested it generates the required thumb if it’s not generated already.
The process to check thumb exists or not is performed each time the thumb URL is requested.

To overcome every time checks we implemented a way that limits the checks.
When a thumb image URL is requested we just return a URL for the requested image removed additional checks. We made one background task to generate the required thumbs.


  1. Improved product listing response time.
  2. Improved response time on each page where image thumbs are displayed.
  3. Option to generate all thumbs in one click.
  4. Client-side image fallback thumb generation.

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