RazorPay Payment Plugin

RazorPay Payment Plugin
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Allow customer to make payment with RazorPay payment provider with easy and seamless payment gateway.
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Supported versions: 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Created: January 13,2024
Last updated: January 20,2024
What is Razorpay Plug-in?

"Razorpay plugin" likely refers to a software component or integration that allows a business to easily integrate Razorpay's payment processing services into their website or application. These plugins are designed to simplify the integration process, making it quicker and more convenient for businesses to start accepting online payments. For more infomation contact with nopcypher

Why should use Razorpay Plug-in?

We can make this plugin for whenever we cancelled orde or sometimes payments is fail at that time to start new process from cart to checkout there we can make order from order details instantly using retry payment. In normal checkout having multiple steps and sometime they take much time. . For more infomation contact with nopcypher.


  • Embed responsive cross platform payment form for your website

  • Get into driver's seat of your payments ecosystem

  • Powerful and lightweight mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

  • Accept international payments, cards, netbanking, wallets et al.

  • Spend time making great products, not reading redundant docs

  • Breathe easy with our industry standard security compliance

How it Work



Fully localizable using external XML files

Multi-store support

Fast support

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase

Theme Supported

Easy setup

mumsateesh 4/27/2024 12:02 PM
Upgrade to 4.7
Hi ,
Any plans to upgrade to 4.7 which was released recently.

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A manager responded to this review
Hi Sateesh,
4.7 just released last weekend. We will upgrade plugin it within a week and release.