Sage Pay (Opayo) Payment (Atluz)

Sage Pay (Opayo) Payment (Atluz)
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Sage Pay (Opayo) Payment extension/plugin for nopCommerce. Plugin provides server to server communication using SagePay Form integration and verification using secured REST API.
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Created: August 29,2017
Last updated: December 31,2022

Sage Pay Payment

Extension for nopCommerce

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Sage Pay (Opayo) Payment extension for nopCommerce.

Plugin enables payment using Form redirect method, this makes the transaction secure because the payment processing and data collection is done at Sage Pay (Opayo) secure environment. The plugin provides server to server communication using API to accomplish the payment verification, this makes transaction secure by eliminates HTML injections used by hackers to make invalid transaction. The plugin uses multiple stage transaction verification to identify the payment status which makes the transaction secure.

Option to use order currency to process transaction instead of primary store currency.

The plugin supports payment Capture, Void, Refund and Partial Refund. The sage pay supports direct payment which excludes requirement of Capture so this plugin is capable to support direct payment as well which eliminates the need of capturing the transaction from admin panel.

The package contains extension binaries which are ready to install as per nopCommerce guidance.

We are one of the very few plugin providers who continuously add new features to the plugins and you can avail those upgrades for no additional cost for a year. Also, when you buy our plugin you buy for all supported nopCommerce versions including future nopCommerce versions for a year. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership of our plugin over the period.

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1Support for NopCommerce
v3.80, v3.90, v4.00, v4.10, v4.20, v4.30, v4.40, v4.50 and v4.60

2Support for Capture, Void, Refund and Partial Refund of order from Store admin panel

3HTTPs redirect for payment and REST API integration for secure payment transaction verification

4Configurable additional payment gateway fee (Fix/Percentage)

5Option to Retry Payment on transaction failed/cancelled

6Support for order currency

7Test & Live mode to test the store before going live

8TLS 1.2 Supported

9One Year free support from the date of purchase

10One Year free upgrade from the date of purchase

kDuffin 8/11/2021 7:53 AM
Poor Customer Support
Previous employee had registered for the trial prior to my involvement in the project, however, when I had come to trial the plug-in to make sure it fits with our requirements I was informed no trial licence could not be provided as it had in the past. Further to this, they .. "assure you that it works fine else we won't be here and won't be investing so much in upgrading the plugin.
But somehow you face any issue with the plugin after purchase then our support team is always available to assist because with every purchase you get one year of free upgrade and support."

After purchasing the plug-in and finding it's not fit for our purpose I was told 'you are not following standard process'. Yes, as a business, we wanted the plug-in to perform in a certain way,  in particular, take payment before the order has been confirmed, this could not be done we were told nor any resolution on the matter had been provided.

I am sure the plug-in itself is fit for purpose with many business's requirements and does perform how it should, however, we didn't get to that stage as the support was incredibly unhelpful throughout.
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A manager responded to this review
Thank you for your feedback.

We do not allow multiple trials for same plugin to avoid unfair usage of trails. But it appears we already had exception for you and issued multiple trials and all were downloaded multiple times, and probably used.

SagePay payment plugin does not have complex combination of functionalities so we believe functional evaluation could have been done in one or max two trial period. Beyond that it appears unfair usage of trail.

Coming to our support team responsiveness, we found that team is still working with you on this and waiting for your reply to figure out solution. So, we believe you have jumped to this conclusion without proper closure.

Before purchase, upon asking multiple time you never mentioned that you have non-conventional implementation where you do not capture Billing address or does not have billing address in order. SagePay requires billing address to process payment so our support team asked you to enable address for payment to work or populate the address if you have custom implementation.

We recommend you to co-ordinate with our support team to help you out. As you have non-conventional requirement and plugins may not have it out-of-the-box so it may need some iterations and we together can come to some conclusion/solution.

Thank you,
Atluz Team
Z201 1/30/2021 7:32 AM
Very Good Customer Service
Renish was very helpful answering all my questions
Thank you
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xelini6387 2/27/2020 2:05 AM
I am getting error!!!!!!!!
I have installed plugin in store. It doesn’t work though! I’ve tried a couple of test transactions and you are not given the opportunity to enter any card details, the order just completes without payment. It's giving error like Invalid Order!!
help me to sort it out please.
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A manager responded to this review
Thank you for your feedback.
If the message says Invalid order then the order will be invalid for transaction e.g. no proper Billing address etc.. The plugin works completely fine, there could be some configuration issue in your store.

Please contact our help desk at if you are facing any issue with the plugin functionality. Our team will help you out.

Thanks you,
Atluz Team
philipbrassington 2/6/2019 9:17 AM
Excellent product, excellent support
I had some issues getting the plugin to work and I had to make some data changes to the customer database to allow the support team to look in and solve the problem, which was a real pain. However the problem was fixed during the trial (yup, before I even bought the product) so got to go 5* for the support alone.
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