Product Reorder Subscription (

Product Reorder Subscription (
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Add automatic/manual product subscription option for your customers! Keep them updated when it's time to replenish a purchased product. This tool will help to hold customers on your site in a long perspective.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: November 14,2017
Last updated: February 02,2020

Product reorder subscription plugin allows you to make a set of products that have a lifecycle (defines how many days customer will use the product) and give an ability for customers to subscribe on it. In other words, it is a modified promotional notification system replacement for nop recurring products.

If you sell services/products that need repeating at regular intervals (for ex. cosmetics, sports nutrition, licensed software, insurance services etc), then this plugin is definitely for you. Customer will always stay notified when it's time to make a reorder. Customer will also have an option to subscribe/unsubscribe from a product manually.

There is a free demo version available with only one restriction - up to 3 products can be added for subscription
For documentation and details please refer to this link. You may also find a plugin for your older nopCommerce version there!


  • automatic subscriptions in addition to manual
  • set product reorder period for each product
  • configured e-mail template
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe button on a product details page
  • "Product subscriptions" section page in "My account"
  • free support during first 3 months


  1. Scenario 1 (manual product subscription):

    Administrator sets a lifecycle for "Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein" product to 30 days.
    Customer buys 1 product item and subscribes on it. After 30 days customer will receive an email to buy one more product.
    If customer does not buy again, he will receive a new e-mail after 30 days.
    If customer buys a product after 10 days after e-mail notification, then he will receive a new e-mail alert only after 30 days after purchase.
    Customer will always stay notified until he unsubscribes from e-mail letter or on a product details page.
  2. Scenario 2 (automatic product subscription):

    Administrator sets a setting to automatically subscribe customers on a product after customer has purchased 4 items of a certain product of all time.
    Administrator sets a lifecycle for "Cleansing Lotion" product to 24 days.
    Customer buys 2 product items.
    1 week passed and customer buys 3 product items.
    System defines that customer has purchased 5 products of all time and automatically subscribes a customer to that product.
    After 24 days from the last purchase customer will receive an e-mail notification to buy a product again.
adamsmith_88 2/9/2018 4:39 AM
usefull to keep customers
We sell sports nutrition and configured this plugin for almost all our supplements. Really useful when it sends a reminder to the client.
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