Will you participate in creation of the documentation portal (wiki)?

5 years ago
Hi folks,

I've received really a lot of requests about creation of a wiki portal (e.g. http://docs.nopCommerce.com) for the last time. Such portal could replace the existing paid user guide (yes, it'll become free). It'll also contain documentation for developers and designers. Of course, selling of the user guide is about 20% of the current company profit. We'll lose it. But I hope that sharing of documentation for free can help getting more nopCommerce users in the future. New content contributions will make documentation more complete. It'll be good for the entire nopCommerce ecosystem. What do you think about it?

But due to security reasons only several persons (up to 10-15) can get edit permission on this portal. And I wonder whether some of you would be interested in participation of creation of such portal. This task will include moving of the existing user guide to it (about 300 pages) and existing documentation for developers (about 10 articles), then writing new articles and topics (mostly new developer documentation).

P.S. Moving to Wiki is not the final decision. Still thinking about it

UPDATE: The documentation portal will be launched soon. Please see this post of mine

UPDATE 2: And here we go. The documentation portal can be accessed at http://docs.nopcommerce.com/.
5 years ago
Have you considered using GitHub for this?

That way anyone could submit changes for the wiki (as a pull request) and a select team could approve and merge those changes into the wiki.
Considering how many people have a GitHub account these days, it would hopefully encourage them to contribute to the wiki.
5 years ago
TomvE wrote:
Have you considered using GitHub for this?

No. Documentation should be available on the official site (e.g. http://docs.nopCommerce.com). Atlassian Confluence is the best and most popular way to go. A lot of other popular open-source projects use it
5 years ago

I would be happy to contribute and would like to participate in the content creation :)

I think it is a good idea to have a separate wiki section and make the user guide public to everyone. I can understand that nopCommerce being an open-source project, user-guide in one of the things that helps to keep some of the development cost covered. But at the same time, I think making the user-guide public to everyone (along with a separate dedicated section for documentation) will certainly bring more users and help nop users/developers to have a better understanding of the project.
5 years ago
Count me in!
5 years ago
I will.
My 2 cents: The User Guide would be the hardest task, first to move it and then to update it on time for when a new version is released. Maybe we should start with the contents of the FAQs, describing settings that are not included in the c0nfiguration settings, advice for fine tunning performance,  and the rest of the documentation. If such task work well then proceed with the User Guide.
5 years ago

I will be happy to help and contribute my time towards this.  I agree with using confluence for the wiki.

5 years ago
Hi ,

Count me also :) .

Also for user guide if we ll do multi languages ( so much time needs and more participate ) will be so good for general .

Thanks .
5 years ago
I can help you with wiki if you need to localize in italian!
5 years ago
I think, it will be nice to have a community web site like this

Our company can help you to create the portal.