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Top 10 B2B marketplaces: main principles of their success

Top 10 B2B marketplaces: main principles of their success

These days, some SMEs choose B2B marketplaces since they can easily connect consumers and merchants on these online buying platforms. A fairly simple way to begin a business is to put your products on a wholesale marketplace and sell to B2B clients looking for your products.

It is essential to identify the capabilities that these business-to-business markets provide. Additionally, techniques for seamless integration of B2B marketplaces with an eCommerce store could be presented for retailers that have already built up their own eCommerce solutions.

All these features are discussed in this article to aid organizations in familiarizing themselves with B2B eCommerce marketplaces. The top 10 business-to-business marketplaces will also be explored, with an emphasis on their key advantages.

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B2B eCommerce for manufacturers: overcoming challenges and utilizing best practices

B2B ecommerce for manufacturers

With sales slowing down due to a softening economy and high inflation, the manufacturing industry faces the complex task of utilizing digital commerce to survive the hard times.

In this post, we’ll focus on B2B eCommerce for manufacturers, its biggest challenges and technical requirements, take a look at its prospects, and consider some successful case studies of businesses going online.

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The future is mobile: maximize your nopCommerce store’s potential with an app

nopCommerce mobile app for merchants

It’s no surprise that mcommerce experiences steady growth and is fast becoming consumers’ preferred shopping channel. However, many website owners still don’t understand its potential benefits and delay mobile app development because of their concerns.

In this post, we will debunk the myth that developing and maintaining a mobile app for your eCommerce website is long, costly and not suitable for every business. You’ll learn more about the ready-made nopCommerce mobile app, how to launch it with minimum effort and time expenses, how to manage product catalogs and streamline sales using the new channel, and how much money is needed if compared to other solutions.

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How to build an eCommerce app: key features, tech stack, and UI design (nopCommerce mobile app case study)

How to build an eCommerce mobile app?

In today’s booming eCommerce landscape, creating an effective mobile app is a key strategy to thrive in the digital marketplace. The question is how to build an eCommerce mobile app that stands out from the competition and is yet cost-effective?

In this article, the nopCommerce core team will reproduce the process of creating their mobile app that enables a sleek and user-friendly mobile eCommerce experience. The text explores the key features, tech stack, design and architecture aspects involved in building an eCommerce app, using the nopCommerce mobile app case study as a reference.

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Which is the best hosting for my nopCommerce website?

Best nopCommerce hosting

nopCommerce hosted a community meetup “nopCommerce with Everleap”, where Everleap introduced its hosting services and discussed different hosting options available for nopCommerce stores.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of various hosting options, and will recommend the best hosting for nopCommerce.

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Automotive eCommerce: Market trends and Top 10 examples of Car eCommerce stores

auto parts ecommerce platform

Over the last 20 years, there has been a change in the automotive market due to an upward trend in online car sales, especially thanks to marketplaces, like Vroom. Moreover, there is a decrease in overall sales, which requires more cost-effective strategies for car and part sellers.

As auto buyers have begun to order cars from eCommerce stores and it has become a widespread trend, offline-only automotive stores have struggled to win customers back even after COVID restrictions were lifted.

Based on statistics, car eCommerce is a rising market with enormous potential. In case you are looking for ways to obtain a bigger piece of the market, this post may give you some advice to go up and stay in leading positions.

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Search is The Backbone of eCommerce - Why a Strong Search Functionality is Crucial for Online Retail Success

Reasons for having a powerful eCommerce site search solution

eCommerce has grown to be a crucial aspect of our lives in the age of digitization. The success of an online store in the cutthroat eCommerce market depends on a number of variables. The search feature of an eCommerce site is one of the most crucial elements that directly affect consumer satisfaction and sales.

In this post, we will examine the significance of search features for eCommerce websites and the effects they have on your eCommerce website.

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How to grow your sales with email communication customized for customer lifecycle

Ecomail customer lifecycle

Customer buying behavior is different before, during, and after the purchase. Each of these stages requires different email communication. With this article, you will understand how to best set it up to boost purchases in your eCommerce store.

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eCommerce localization: How to expand your business globally

eCommerce localization

In today’s globalized world, eCommerce is an essential element of any business strategy, including international. However, simply translating your website or online store into different languages is not enough to succeed in these markets. This is where eCommerce localization comes into play.

It involves adapting your online store to meet the linguistic, cultural, and regulatory requirements of different target markets, adjusting payment methods and shipping options. In this article, we'll provide you with practical tips and strategies to implement eCommerce localization and succeed worldwide.

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Update to .NET 7: what updates it brings and how it may improve a software

Review of .NET 7 and nopCommerce performance updates

All .NET developers should mark November 8, 2022, since Microsoft released .NET 7 on that day. With 18 months of support, it is an STS (standard-term support) version. More advanced integration of developing desktop and mobile software, as well as web, cloud, gaming, IoT, and AI solutions, than in the 6th release, is one of the primary advancements that .NET 7 offers.

The most important update that is included in this release is improved performance, briefly discussed in this article. Additionally, we have added some thoughts from experienced .NET developers about the update. Finally, a performance evaluation of nopCommerce following an upgrade to .NET 7 is discussed and displayed.

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