Importing from Drop shippers Data Feed

11 years ago
I use a Drop Ship warehouse and get daily downloads of what they have in stock. This down load is in Tab seperated Text format (supposedly openable in MicroSoft Excell spread sheet) How do I get that information into the products catologue of nop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since manualy imputting 50,000 + items manualy is not economicly feeesable.

Thank you
11 years ago
You would need to probably write a program to do this.  Or a sql script.  I guess it also needs to update daily etc with changes updates etc?  In version 1.4 of nop there is an excel import function but you would still need to alter you dropshippers excel spreedsheet so its in the correct format this would be too time consuming if you needed to it frequently.
11 years ago
My site is hosted at Yellow Domains and nop was offered as a value added software
I like it  but to date they have not offered an Update to 1.40
I could always uninstall and re enstall at 1.40 level but that causes me to loose what I already have in the store NOW. any suggestionsz???
11 years ago
If everything is working fine as it is I would leave it.  Your best bet is to build a solution that imports your data daily using a SQL script or a custom built solution.
11 years ago
OK that is what I thought

Will let you know what happens
11 years ago
Hi Herbert,
    I have an interest in this area as I have some software, that I sell, that formats csv catalog loads for Yahoo stores. I'm a business analyst/developer/whatever and what you are after is on my roadmap. This won't cost you but I wouldn't mind some help with testing, and you can have the rest. I'm going to be using 1.4 so you will need to upgrade, but that shouldn't be a big deal.

The software I have under development imports into a desktop database (SQLite), then reformatting an extracting is fairly simple. I plan to 'talk' directly to the store database as well as providing an upload. Are you interested?


Mike Allen

[email protected]
11 years ago
HM please check your PM box
11 years ago
If your drop shipper provide api for data exchange (most drop shippers do), you can create an add on project to collect data from your drop shipper and update to nopCommerce database. It is similar to the concept that we transfer new orders from nopCommerce to Quickbooks.

Hien Khieu
11 years ago
Thanks to all I am in the process of upgrading too 1.4
sorry that I have not been on lately was sick  and have been busytrying to catch up

Again thanks to all
I have sent a direct e-maill out.
10 years ago
Checking to see if there has been any updates to this side project. I am getting ready to start it myself and I'd like to not start from scratch.