Nopcommerce 4.20

1 year ago
Why isnt there any upgrade docs from 4.1 to 4.2?
11 months ago
Upgrade Script 4.1 to 4.20 corrupt. All file links I have used download a file
from here
that can not unpack because it says the file is corrupt
11 months ago
Hi Andrei,
Do NopCommerce Have Updated version of Rest Api in 4.20 version ?

10 months ago wrote:
Hi Andrei,

Thank you for the quick reply and for the explanation!

If we ignore the colors, which as you said will be corrected soon, I don't like the new panels approach because when you open a panel that takes a lot of space then you don't really see the other panels.
This makes the navigation in the page quite hard.
With the use of the Tabs we always have them visible at the top and you can easily navigate to the other "panels" and also you see them all the time.
Now with the new interface it takes a lot of scrolling up and down just to see what the other panels are especially if they are not collapsed. So not only it is hard to find where the other panels are but you will need to scroll down/up all the time and most of the time in the wrong direction as you don't know if the panel you are looking for is up or down. Also if all panels are not collapsed it will take us a lot of time just to go to the last panel at the bottom of the page.
This in my opinion will ultimately make the management in the administration harder and more time consuming.
But you will need to play a little bit with the administration to see what I really mean.

I hope this makes sense!

I would like to hear what the other members of the community think about this and especially the Store Owners as they will be affected most.


I Agree.