Download Free Themes for nopCommerce 1.9v, 1.8v (UPDATED)

11 years ago

I wasn't saying the themes from striving programmers are bad, I appreciate they are FREE. However I was saying that there aren't many decent themes available for nopCommerce for FREE OR PAID. I would pay for decent ones if I could get them.

For example, if you go to theres 100's of themes for Zencart (whether they are free or you have to pay). But not even one for nopCommerce.

I would deffo pay for a decent theme if they were available,
11 years ago
You won't find a lot of nopCommerce themes online. NopCommerce project is still new and started around 2008 - 2009.

Striving Programmers Community is one of the website whose main aim is to help as many developers all over the world.

Like I mentioned earlier  - SP Community is working on more new FREE themes.

I would really appreciate if you could provide your feedback on the SP website (things you like / dislike) - so that while designing process, themes can be improved and meet the requirements of majority of nop users.