nopCommerce 4.30 is released

3 months ago
untiedshoes wrote:
...Enabling HTML minification results in the closing body & html tags to be stripped.

It's best to post this as a new topic (?in 'Bug Reports forum?), and provide more details / examples.
3 months ago
How to install on LINUX? Distributions are distributed in the form of disk images (.ISO, .VHD, etc.), or installation packages (.MSI, .EXE). It is recommended to download Ubuntu Server with LTS as ISO disk images. I did so, but the error crashes.
3 months ago
Did you see this guide ?
This thread is about the release of v4.3 - you are better to create a new forum post with the specifc details of the problem and the errors
2 months ago
Hello there.
I want to check if the data table exists in NopCommerce 4.30.
Schema.Table ("{tableName}"). Exists () this code doesn't work. Can you help me?
Thank you