webconfig problem

11 years ago
Hello all,

I seem to be getting this same issue with webhost4life. What do we have to request about the machine.config to be updated?

Is there an override in the web.config we can do?

All the best

11 years ago
To fix this problem go to webhost4life control panel, site admin, set .NET app and set the root folder to use .net version 3.5

When adding a new site, the default is v1.0

Basically check you are using the lastest version of .net for the site root


P.S. Great support from the live webhost4life admin guy. Most unusual and a welcome change =)
11 years ago
pjsamuel3  or anyone ...

RE   webhost4life

has anyone set up IIS manager (on thier own desktop) to work with webhost4life?

i tried but cannot get it to work - i was told to set up port 80 but i don't think its right for delegated administration - the live chatter didn't seem sure at first then spoke convincingly that it absolutely was.

i'm not convinced, but its been a long day and i could very easily be making a very basic error there.

any help good people of the furum?