Headless eCommerce solution

Headless eCommerce

Edit the front-end of your website from any convenient system and simply integrate with the nopCommerce platform.

Headless commerce is a separation of the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce application.

Developers can utilize their front-end technology of choice (popular third-party CMS, mobile apps, Internet of Things devices, or custom front-end solutions) to create high-quality content experiences, and plug in the nopCommerce platform on the back-end that manages all commerce functionality.

In this model, nopCommerce provides PCI compliance, security, payment and checkout processing, inventory management, etc.

Open-source headless cms

Headless eCommerce architecture

Typical Headless eCommerce architecture makes use of API calls via a RESTful system to deliver and provide content. The official Web API plugin from the nopCommerce team allows you to interact with any third-party services, popular CMS, ERPs, PIMs, POS, custom front-end solutions, or mobile apps using REST.

nopCommerce Web API plugin covers all methods of nopCommerce - back-end and front-end. There are more than 1.100 methods available. So you can use all-powerful eCommerce features for your front-end solution.

More info about the nopCommerce Web API plugin is described in detail on this page.

Headless eCommerce architecture

Why nopCommerce is the best back-end eCommerce solution for creating headless commerce:

  • nopCommerce has powerful integral functionality that covers 99% of eCommerce business needs, including enterprise features such as multi-store, multi-vendor, multi-currency support, advanced marketing tools, global e shipping, and tax services, and much more;
  • the open-source code and pluggable architecture of nopCommerce will ensure 100% fulfillment of any business requirements for the eCommerce website. nopCommerce is an extensible, scale, and cross-platform eCommerce solution based on the latest Microsoft technology;
  • the official Web API plugin from the nopCommerce team covers all methods of nopCommerce. The Web API plugin is available with source code.

Learn more about nopCommerce features from our Enterprise eCommerce page.

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