eCommerce checkout

Online Checkout

Improve the customer experience of your eCommerce store with instant and one-page checkout.

nopCommerce supports two types of eCommerce checkout used in most modern web stores:

Anonymous online checkout allows customers to checkout without creating an account. Many customers prefer this option as it allows them to finish the purchase quicker.

checkout page

One-page checkout dramatically reduces the steps required in the checkout process and also helps to increase revenue and conversion rates by making the checkout easier for customers.

Checkout attributes. At the checkout, you can provide customers with various options. For example, you can gift wrap products or personalize them with messages.

Online checkout solutions

Other eCommerce checkout features include:

  • phone order support;
  • multilingual and multicurrency support;
  • configurable measure weights and dimensions;
  • SSL support (secure browsing and checkout);
  • PDF order receipts;
  • mini shopping cart, etc.

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