USPS making breaking changes

8 years ago

I've recieved this email about USPS updates
Web Tools Customer,

USPS will release updates to the Web Tools APIs on 28 July 2013. The staging environment is currently open for testing your updated applications. You may review staging information and the release notes at the USPS Web Tools site here for more details.

If you rely upon a third-party developer (e.g. software or ecommerce/cart provider) for USPS products and services on your website or your shipping application, please direct any application-specific questions to them.

For questions and concerns, please contact our customer support at 1-800-344-7779 or [email protected]

Web Tools Program Office

You can read about the changes to the rate response values (see appendix A)

These look to be breaking changes.  In more friendly language, you can read about their Making Priority Mail Better
To simplify the product names, Express Mail will be called Priority Mail Express™. It remains our fastest product available, offering the same great service as Express Mail just with a new name. Express Mail International® will be renamed Priority Mail Express International™.

That name change will likely break the USPS plugin.
8 years ago
Hi Dennis,

Thanks. The work item is already here
8 years ago
Seems that these changes are not breaking for nopCommerce. Done. Please see changeset d5eac737f6b2
8 years ago
Please help. 2.80 with 'Shipping Direct' has problem today (7/28). Yesterday everything worked fine.

USPS First-Class Mail<sup>®</sup> Parcel
USPS Priority Mail 1-Day<sup>™</sup>
USPS Priority Mail Express 1-Day<sup>™</sup>

8 years ago
Replace: Source\Plugins\Nop.Plugin.Shipping.USPS\USPSComputationMethod.cs

Line: 454
serviceCode = serviceCode.Replace("<sup>®</sup>", reg.ToString());

serviceCode = serviceCode.Replace("<sup>®</sup>", reg.ToString());

Line: 456
serviceCode = serviceCode.Replace("<sup>tm;</sup>", tm);

serviceCode = serviceCode.Replace("<sup>™</sup>", tm);
8 years ago
liudengme wrote:

Thanks. It's also fixed in the upcoming version 3.10
8 years ago
Thanks for the fix, it updated USPS to display ship times for Priority service, only for various US states 1-3 days:

Pros  & Cons..   get the orders out fast!

USPS Priority Mail Express 1-Day™ ($17.05)

USPS Priority Mail 1-Day™ ($6.60)

USPS Priority Mail 1-Day™ Large Flat Rate Box ($17.85)

USPS First-Class Mail® Parcel ($4.09)

USPS Standard Post® ($6.60)
8 years ago
can you post the fix used in 3.1 here so I can apply it to my older store? it looks like we need to not be html encoding the response from the usps, just use it raw instead and it should work.
8 years ago
Please see this post above
8 years ago
Would it make more sense to display these html encoded strings as-is instead of reformatting them?