Using Kendo UI legal?

3 years ago
Just an FYI, I sent a lengthy write up/ business case to the Telerik team to restore the Grid to UI Core (effectively reverse their decision made for 2014 Q2).
I provided examples of how products like Kendo (and their competitors) rise in popularity by being involved/used in major Open Source projects / products like NopCommerce. I also provided dollar amounts they would lose just from me alone (and it was nopcommerce use of them that led me to them to begin with)
I personally have worked with 3 different clients who each acquired a Dev Craft Complete license and have continued to renew (my footprint alone generates them roughly $3600 / year as their Dev Craft Complete was about 1200 / year before they rebranded their product lines).  Once NopCommerce migrates away, there is no need for me to have the 3 clients continue to pay for these licenses as it would make sense to invest in its replacement. We use Kendo because nop uses it. Had Nop used DevExpress or something else, then that product would have got the attention.  Simply put, Kendo has a lot of competition and they NEED projects like NopCommerce to utilize their product so that they can upsell professional licenses to people like me who leverage more widgets.

To be clear here, every single NopCommerce release, I always apply the latest UI Pro version of Kendo. So in my 3.9 environments, I am presently running 2017.2.504.  There are just other features like the Scheduler and listviews that I use for plugins, etc.  I am sure there is many others who do this, and Telerik stands to lose a lot of business by their decision once Nop replaces the grid (likely in 4.1)

Anyway, likely nothing will come of my last ditch effort to convince them losing their footprint in a platform that has many thousands of implementation across the globe is not in their best interest.

3 years ago

I agree with you. I once sent this similar request when they announced the same. Apparently like you shared, we also used professional version for some projects resulting into a license purchase from client and and then renewals. I also prefer if they reverse the decision, then it will be best for opensource projects as well as a boost to their business as well.

3 years ago
ChuckR wrote:
Just an FYI, I sent a lengthy write up/ business case to the Telerik team to restore the Grid to UI Core (effectively reverse their decision made for 2014 Q2).

Hi Chuck,

Veyr good idea! I would suggest you to also publish it on KendoUI official forums (the link). And then we ALL can also post in this forum topic (instead of writing emails individually). In this case other users (who even doesn't use nopCommerce) can also  "bump" this forum topic
2 years ago
I am already using nopCommerce in my 7 projects. I really excited about this question. I wrote this text on 27 Aug 2018, till the grid component is not included in the UI Core. Please check the url
1 year ago
Arrived late to the party but was looking for information on the kedno grid and ran into this post. Read all the comments, and found that there are a lot of people docusing on moving nop forward, which is great news. But i didnt see any closure on the subject, is the version still the old one? As from what i can see the grid is still not availalbe in the core package.

An update would be great.

Thanks in advance,
1 year ago
As per 4.20 release notes:
"We moved away from outdated KendoUI Grid to DataTables library"
1 year ago
Thanks for the update!!