nopCommerce 3.90 BETA released. Please share your impressions

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7 years ago
Dear nopCommerce community!

The new version of nopCommerce is on the way. But before the official release, we want you to BETA test the upcoming nopCommerce 3.90 and share your feedback with us.

In the new version, we continue to simplify and redesign admin area in terms of all types of nopCommerce users from beginner merchants to experienced managers can easily deal with it. At the same time, we focused our efforts on widening functionality of nopCommerce marketing tools like reward points (loyalty program), new discount groups and others.

The highlights for this version:

•  Compliance with the latest PCI DSS 3.2 requirements.  Password attempt failure lock-out support (configurable). Do not allow customers to submit one of previously used password (configurable). Passwords must be forced to change at least once every 90 days (configurable).
•  Bundled products (attributes associated to other products). Option to allow customer to enter quantity.
•  Boolean logic support for discount requirements (“AND” or “OR” or groups of requirements).
•  Delay usage of reward points. A store owner can specify period of time after which points will be activated.
•  Using multiple discount coupon codes.
•  Tier prices start and end dates (hence removed “special prices” product properties).
•  Allowing to reply to product reviews (for store owners and vendors).
•  Support conditions for message templates (for example, now you can hide shipping address in emails if products are not shippable).
•  Configuring custom order number by store owners. For example, add some prefix or date.
•  Attaching files when submitting return requests (scans, additional documents, etc).
•  Managing an  access to plugins per customer role (ACL) by store owners.
•  Specifying a product availability range (will be displayed instead of general “out of stock” message).
•  Track stock changes of products.

You can find the full release notes here

In order to download nopCommerce 3.90 BETA please use the following links:
BETA 3.90 - Source code (download if you are a web developer interested in the nopCommerce application source code)
BETA 3.90 - No source code (download this package if you want to deploy a live site to a web server with the minimum required files)
Upgrade script from 3.80 (download this package to upgrade an existing installation to a newer version)

We'd love if developers could get involved with testing to find any issues which will need fixing before the final release. Please share your thought after testing  in this forum topic. Thank you!
7 years ago
Hi  Nop Team,
Great Work.
7 years ago
Great work. Congratulations!!!
7 years ago
nopCommerce 3.90 Beta First Look Review:

1. Installation page looks more sophesticated and well presented. On other hand it is now much user friendly.
2. Front side seems little faster compared to previous version on my local IIS. Rest all things are same on front.
3. I was facing following error on line number 45 (validator.OnAuthorization(filterContext);) in class AdminAntiForgeryAttribute.
An exception of type 'System.Web.Mvc.HttpAntiForgeryException' occurred in System.Web.WebPages.dll but was not handled in user code
4. Add requirement group interface in discount requirements is confusing. This feature is very impressive.
5. I was debugging nopCommerce 390 beta using visual studio and nopCommerce 380 on my local IIS. Url for nop 380 is localhost where as url for nop 390 is localhost:15536. The problem i am facing is when i do something in nop390 then it logs out nop380 and i need to log in again in nop380 and vice versa.
6. Do not know how to use Export orders with products setting in order settings.
7. Scroll to top arrow z-index property needs to be corrected for textboxes
7 years ago
Huge list and a lot if things changed :)

Great work!
7 years ago
7 years ago
Thank you nopCommerce Team!

Looking forward to test the 3.90 BETA :)
7 years ago
Hi Guys

Great work Andrei and team, a very impressive list of changes, will try and review over the weekend.
7 years ago
First thoughts: Admin area is much faster than previous versions, good work!
7 years ago
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