Why choose nopCommerce

High performer

Open-source software backed by a committed team

nopCommerce is a great example of an open-source product: it is transparent and open for input from developers from all over the world. The product is developed and supported by the professional team since 2008.
There are more than 35 versions released. Suggestions of the community and the latest Internet trends are carefully analyzed by the nopCommerce team and are implemented in the newest versions. The versions are client-oriented, meaning that we implement only stable technologies that won’t hurt store performance.

As for today, the ecosystem of the product has:

CMS Critic award

Powerful, secure and cost-effective

nopCommerce is a unique solution offering an incredible cost/value ratio. Being free, yet capable of handling serious projects, it offers the lowest ownership cost in the eCommerce industry.
It can be up and running in minutes, and then easily scaled to support millions of products and hundreds of concurrent visitors. nopCommerce is compatible with Azure and web farms. The platform is safe and secure, and had only one security patch since its launch in 2008.

nopCommerce admin demo

Integrated eCommerce platform for various store owners’ needs

Despite of being free and open-source, nopCommerce can offer wide eCommerce arsenal of tools usually found in enterprise solutions. It is full of configurable features and options to meet the specific needs of every potential store owner. Just check out our extensive list of features.
Be sure that nopCommerce can be customized anytime to cope with any task your business requires: it can be modified by our solution partners or certified developers. There are thousands of integrations with payment, shipment, marketing automation software on our marketplace as well as free connectors to leading solution providers made in the course of technology partnership program.

Easy for developers and designers

Easy for developers and designers

nopCommerce employs an extensible plugin architecture and theming mechanisms that work well without touching the core. The code base follows the best practices like Inversion of Control, Separation of Concerns, ORM, Automapping, etc and is always updated with the latest versions of ASP.NET Core.

nopCommerce can be easily modified and in lesser time compared to other competitive cart solutions because of its well defined and predictable architecture. It is the only well featured shopping cart in ASP.NET Core framework with dependency management via Autofac. nopCommerce is easy to extend because of ready-to-use data layer utilizing the newest Entity Framework with Code First and Fluent API.

Built-in user management with all the required features like external authentication, password recovery, OpenId, and ACL (access control list), allows fine-grained permissions management. Everything in nopCommerce is 100% extensible mostly due to the fact that it is based on ASP.NET Core and uses these technologies properly.

nopCommerce statistics

  • Trusted by over 50,000 store owners
  • More than 2,500,000 downloads
  • Used by popular brands such as Volvo, Harman Kardon, Herbalife, Ikea, Tour Deals and Lexus
  • More than 220,000 registered community members
  • More than 100 solution partners from 40+ countries
  • More than 2,000 third-party plugins, themes, language packs from 400+ vendors
  • 4 annual conferences held
  • 500,000 downloads of free plugins and themes