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Did you ever look for a tutorial on some topic you’re struggling with and didn’t find it? Finally, after you’ve figured it out, you would like to share it with others? Did you come up with some additional functionality or integration that would be beneficial for others or with a great marketing strategy that uses nopCommerce capabilities?

We invite you to share your experience and help us make a comprehensive collection of tutorials and advice about nopCommerce and spread it around by writing for our blog and various professional sites.

You can earn MVP points and up to $100 for publications. And that comes along with the visibility you’re getting.

What do we look for?

Technical/business expertise and best practices
Technical/business expertise and best practices

  • If you have figured out how to do something special with nopCommerce and would like to share your knowledge
  • If you have a specific area of expertise and want to spread the world
  • If you are involved in the design, development, or management of a nopCommerce store
  • We would be happy if you could help us expand our range of guides and advice about nopCommerce usage

Clear explanation
Clear explanation

Are you able to explain complex things to everyone else? Do you love teaching others?
Whether you’re experienced writer or not, we are eager to hear from you!

Concise and informative style
Concise and informative style

We expect original content that meets our style guidelines.

Decided to join. What’s next?

Choose a topic and a site where you plan to submit your work
Choose a topic and a site where you plan to submit your work.

  • We would like to hear about your unique experience!
  • If you did something amazing with nopCommerce, and there's no content on that topic, take your opportunity.
  • If you just start with nopCommerce, you’re also welcome to write. Your impressions of a newbie maybe be useful to someone who consider starting with nopCommerce as well.
  • Think where you’d like to be published. We suggest some knowledge exchange site such as CodeProject and C#Corner (for developers) or CMSWire and SitePoint (for business owners/marketers). You can also create a video tutorial for sites like Pluralsight or LiveEdu.tv. If you need ideas on where to publish your content, contact us. Otherwise, you’re free to propose your resources. You’re also welcome to write for our blog.
  • Send us the article title along with an abstract, and the supposed site.
  • Possible post formats could include how-tos, hacks, and beyond.
  • Your sample will be pre-assessed on its originality, your approach, writing style, structure, and context.

Send us your draft
Send us your draft

If your abstract was approved, we will inform you that we are looking forward to the full text.

Your article can be of a different type:

  • Quick Tips (600 – 700 words): short and simple article providing a quick solution to a common problem many users encounter.
  • Short tutorials (700 – 1500 words): these articles cover a broad range of topics in more details, for example, provide a unique perspective on some feature.
  • In-depth articles (1500+ words): would usually incorporate some kind of research. Such articles may contain longer code samples, or a greater variety of visual imagery. Bear in mind that long pieces of text are hard to read, so make sure you make it very well structured with flawless readability.
  • Video tutorials: educational and engaging streams. If you plan to do one, please send us the script beforehand.

If you wish to post in our blog, please, refer to our style guidelines to increase your chances for being approved with no editing needed.

Get published and share your post
Get published and share your post

  • Once the article is approved, submit it to a chosen resource, wait until it’s published and share the link with us.
  • If you wrote for our blog, we will complete the process and notify you.
  • We also encourage our authors to share the published post through their social media channels.

Get your reward
Get your reward

  • Forward us a link to the post and we will proceed with the compensation.
  • The reward depends on an article length, $40 for quick tips, $70 for texts with 700+ words, in-depth articles and video tutorials get $100. Also, you’re granted MVP points.
  • Note that we only pay for articles on other than nopCommerce sites with Alexa rating higher than 500,000.
  • For the articles in our blog or on sites with low Alexa rating we only grant MVP points.

Write to us
Write to us to discuss your ideas or if you need more information