Arvixe Worst web host, Please avoid!

5 years ago
First time poster.

Yes, I've had the displeasure of being an Arvixe customer it's a relief that I'm not the only one and others have had similar experiences.

The lack of support has been quite bad.  The thing is if the customer service was of any decent quality than the system might have been tolerable.  Might have been.

The system status page is a joke and hardly gets updated accurately. I'm sure there's something in the FCC guidelines about being transparent.  The 99.6% guaranteed up time is very misleading.  The survey results haven't been updated since 16 Oct 2015 which tells you a lot.  All the signs are there.

Yes, they were good and recommended via nopCommence (and Microsoft) but that was then.

Looking at alternatives and have seen a post on another thread which looks promising.
5 years ago
I've just recently moved to and my review so far is excellent. My Linux based hosting I just went to 1and1. Good luck with moving!
5 years ago
Thanks gz2010.  I'll have a quick look at 1and1 too as have some non-.NET web apps.
4 years ago
Finally I am quit from the nightmare, Arvixe is the worst hosting ever, their support is worst, hosting always down, and with this kind of service, they still want to increase the hosting price recently. Luckily I am now changing to , is cheaper and a lot more stable and quicker than arvixe.
2 years ago
Hey guys, even tho this might be an old post, but still I would like to recommend these guys
They provide a 24/7 support, Whatsapp support and pretty good packaged based on your store load.
2 years ago
We also use and our clients and so far no big issues. We use Windows and Linux hosting.