Dear Turkish and Vietnamese community!

We have great news for you! The translation of the official website into Turkish and Vietnamese is almost completed! Thanks to everyone who took part in this! We're absolutely sure that it'll make much more popular in both countries! But before going live we need some help from you with proofreading. We want to ensure that everything is translate properly!

We've deployed new languages to our staging website:
Turkish -
Vietnamese -

1. Please check the staging website where you can see how the website will look. Please note that this website is temporary. So please don't use it as a real official one. It's used only for proofreading of these two languages
2. Check all the already translated pages. If you think that some text should not be translated straight, please feel free to rewrite it as a new text so it sounds better

You can suggest your translation of locales on our Crowdin website at The contribution (translation) process is very similar to creation of language packs - please find more about it here.

We are looking forward to your changes and final confirmation that everything looks good on the new staging website. Once it's finished, we'll publish Turkish and Vietnamese to the official website.