nopCommerce 2.60 roadmap. Let's discuss.

8 years ago
We've prepared a draft of the roadmap for the next version of nopCommerce (2.60). It contains features that were in-demand from a lot of people. Here are some of the most interesting tasks:

- More user-friendly UI (ajax cart, auto complete suggestions for product searching, flyout mini-shopping cart, etc)
- Further performance optimization
- Full text search support
- Separate delivery addresses support (postponed)
- Windows Azure support (postponed)
- Upsell products
- Specify zones and page for widgets
- And a lot of minor enhancements

You can find all existing work items for version 2.60 here (just ensure that "Status" is set to "Active, and "Release" is set to "nopCommerce 2.60").

Estimate release time - the end of June or the beginning of July.
8 years ago
The list looks great and this will be a major release with lots of improvements...
Is there a possibility to do an excel import of categories and manufacturers just like products? it would great for large stores with many categories and manufacturers...
and the same functionalities that are there for products in the admin panel should be present for categories and manufacturers to ensure consistency of interface like delete multiple categories and bulk edit...
Also on the countries page most of the times stores utilize only one country so there should be a way to deselect all countries and only select the one or two you want...I do it through running a query but it would be better to do it through the admin panel...
8 years ago
thanks for the wonderful job
when the multi store will be ready?
8 years ago
Multi store feature would be so great!
8 years ago
Multi-store :(
8 years ago
panika wrote:
when the multi store will be ready?

Please see the following forum posts:
8 years ago
Doesn't really give much of an indication unless I have missed something.
8 years ago
It means its not included in 2.6 and frankly I think the dev team has too much already in their plate to pull everything off correctly till end of June...
8 years ago
I'm not dis-agreeing. No question they are doing a great job, its just a little strange that a feature that pretty much everyone has been requesting since v1.3+ still has not officially been added to the development roadmap.

I have had two emails and even a demo from companies in India who have implemented multi-store into v2.4, granted not very well but they have done it and are continuing to develop it further :(  

I even offered to donate some money to nopCommerce to move this forward... This feature is the main decider between people picking nop or Magento.
8 years ago
Rule number one for choosing hardware or software, don't choose it based on features that don't exist yet. It surprises me how people can complain about huge features that don't exist yet in nop when nop is free. Pick the software for what it can or is supposed to do. Complain about the bugs in the software, but don't complain that a feature set that hasn't been implemented and takes a great deal of time to do. The people that are working on implementing it are doing it on their free time when they aren't working their full time jobs, spending time with their families, and enjoying life! Just needed to get that off my chest.